Fighting for Rutland County

Scott Garren will fight for you, not for corporations and wealthy donors.

Real solutions for Rutland County:

  • Healthcare for all

  • A living wage and paid family leave

  • Invest in the green economy for the environment and good jobs

  • Free public higher education and tuition debt relief


Issues That Matter to You

  • Making Rutland County Affordable

  • Keeping Rutland County Safe

  • Keeping Rutland County in Business

  • Protecting Our Environment and Create Green Jobs

  • Keeping Rutland County Vibrant

  • Getting Money Out Of Politics

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Why Am I Running?

For my children and grandchildren. For my community. We are living in a world in crisis. This is not the world I want to live in. We need to elect strong advocates who feel the urgency of our problems and are committed to progress.

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We Can't Do It Alone

We need to work together to build a stronger, fairer and more vibrant county and state. Please join our campaign.

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Fighting for Great Schools and Good Jobs

There is government spending and then there is government investing. No investment pays greater dividends than educating and caring for our children! Thank you Vermont NEA and the 1,032 members in Rutland County for all that you do and for your endorsement!


Scott Garren is dedicated to fighting for the working people of Vermont, not for corporations and wealthy donors. He is a strong supporter of Medicare for all, a livable wage, paid family and medical leave, and investing in the green economy. I am proud to endorse Scott for State Senate.

— Senator Bernie Sanders

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I Want to Hear From You

Politicians can't represent their constituents while hiding behind staff or contact forms. I want to hear from you.