I hope you’ll judge me by the company I keep. I’m proud to have fought for years to make our economy more fair, our environment cleaner and our democracy stronger. I’m proud to have been endorsed by many I have fought alongside with.
— Scott Garren


Bernie and Scott

Standing with Bernie

I am proud to have been endorsed by Bernie Sanders. I have worked with Bernie for years to make our County, State and Country more just, clean and democratic.


Educator Approved

There is government spending and then there is government investing. No investment pays greater dividends than educating and caring for our children! Thank you Vermont NEA and the 1,032 teachers and school workers in Rutland County for all that you do.


Fighting for Workers

Working people are being left behind as our economy moves forward, and that is both unjust and unsustainable. I look forward to fighting alongside the state’s unions to put workers back at the center of our economy.


Environmentally Friendly Candidate

Vermonters know better than most that we are only as healthy and wealthy as the environment we live in. I am excited to fight for real solutions to our environmental problems and building our economy at the same time.


Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben & Jerry's

"Scott Garren is dedicated to fighting for the working people of Vermont, not for corporations and wealthy donors. He is dedicated to getting money out of politics, as well as a strong supporter of Medicare for all, a livable wage, paid family and medical leave, and investing in the green economy. We are proud to endorse Scott for State Senate."


Preserving our natural spaces

I have been drawn to Vermont my whole life in large part due to its beautiful and accessible natural spaces. Here in Rutland County we have countless mountains, rivers and streams worth preserving. I am proud to partner with the Siera Club to fight for a greener future.

VSEA logo.png

Supporting Public Service

I am running for State Senate, because I feel a strong pull to serve Rutland County by driving bold progress for our economy, environment and democracy. This same spirit of public service drives so many to serve our state in many capacities, and I am proud to have been endorsed by these folks by way of the Vermont State Employees’ Association.